Tech oriented businessperson

I work with extraordinary people. I invest in innovative companies.

Since 2014, I have helped 100+ startups to make them grow & 10+ corporate firms & investment organizations to make their business and investment decisions better.

x-incubation manager @ Accelerate2030 Turkey, x-head of success @ StartupMarket, x-program advisor @ helo!, x-coordinator of @ Sabanci SUCOOL Acceleration Program.

Currently, consultant, Investors Dialogue Program @ ─░zmir NIC program management consultant @ OGEM founder @ Kahraman Solutions investor @

Kahraman Solutions

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Kahraman Solutions

  • finds opportunities for local & international startup investors,
  • works with startups to make them grow,
  • design and run startup support programs for organizations and corporations.

Check the website to see all the details and services.

About me

I got my BS degree in Manufacturing Systems and Industrial Engineering at Sabanci University in 2014 and a Masters's degree in Engineering Management at Galatasaray University in 2017.

I was so interested in technology startups while studying. This is why, in 2014, I started working at Sabanci University (selected Turkey's Most Entrepreneurial and Innovative University by the government for years). For 6 years, I ran a variety of entrepreneurship support projects and worked with 50+ startups in SUCOOL and university's investment and strategic consultancy company Inovent Inc.

After SUCOOL, I continued designing startup support programs, consulting startup investment organizations and helping startups.

Now, I am investing in startups and running my own company Kahraman Solutions aka KHRMN.CO. With my team, (1) we help startups to grow, find investments and international connections, (2) we help organizations to design, manage, promote their startup programs, projects, and relations, (3) suggest promising new deals to startup investors.

Wait a minute...

Life is not only about business, isn't it?

I played basketball in primary school (3rd place in the city tournament, weird story, ask me and I'll tell you), played chess semi-pro (I probably still can, which one is queen?), hosted a university radio show, did SCUBA diving (please organize a blue voyage and call me), took performing arts classes, drum courses, hosted a YouTube program, rode motorcycle (slowly).

NEXT goal: skateboard in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA, with my son.


Let's work together

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